End of the line

Well I guess 15 months of silence is long enough. That was the last time I posted on this blog. Since taking my role in evangelism all my blog posts have been going on the X.com website. You can check them out at https://www.x.com/developers/community/blogs/SidneyAllen


Mid-Life Shift

After over a decade of developing web applications, I am shifting to a new career.  Not a switch, just a shift.  I've been ready for a change for some time, but have yet to find the right opportunity.  Next Monday I begin working at PayPal as a Developer Evangelist.  In retrospect, a lot of what I've been doing has prepared me for this position, but was not part of a master plan.  For the past five years, I've sought to connect with other developers.  At first to learn from them and satisfy a feeling of community, that didn't exist at work.  Later, I looked for ways to contribute and eventually, become a leader in my community.


Usability and Why I no longer do laundry at my house.

In my young and single days, I learned the simple rules for doing the laundry.  Whites on hot, darks on cold and colors on warm.  Those were the days of three simple piles that practically sorted themselves on my apartment floor.  Three loads later, I was done and ready to go mountain biking.


Someone at Adobe MAX Marketing likes me

See if you can spot me in these past Adobe MAX video spots.


Building Mobile applications with jQuery Slides from MAX

I conducted 3 BYOL (Bring your own Laptop) sessions at Adobe MAX this year.  The topic was building mobile applications with jQuery and jQTouch.  I mixed in a bit of HTML 5 with SQLite database storage as well.

Several folks asked for the slides from my session

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